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Atlanta POPcast

This is basically where you want to begin if you want to know about pop... See, this is a POPcast after all! In this podcast, we will be discussing pop music, and exposing you to good music that you may have never heard without our help. Now sit down, plug in, and prepare to hear some good music.

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Episode 1 - MIKA, Young Divas, Robyn, singles

by duanemoody, February 8, 2007 - 9:34am

Show notes

In this episode, the inaugural episode of the Atlanta POPcast, we take a
closer look at 3 CDs by three great artists: MIKA, and his album Cartoon Life in Motion; Robyn, and her self titled fourth album, and finally, the Young Divas, a great Australian pop quartet that may never find their way to the states unless we demand it. Additionally, there will be a few singles that I will urge you to check out, because they are catchy, fun, and well, because I said so.

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