Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Weekly talks from our one-hour Sunday services by Rev. Paul Gonyea. The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta is a thriving spiritual community which recognizes and honors God, as It is expressed through the wisdom of all spiritual teachers, including Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, Gandhi and Dr. King (among others). We have no formal doctrine or dogma. Our one-hour Sunday services are open and comfortable, with music, laughter, and interesting talks.

Hosts: cissa, marksteck, stephenfleming

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06-14-2009 Creative Destruction

by stephenfleming, June 21, 2009 - 7:33am

Show notes

Whenever change occurs in my life, something is always lost when something is gained. To prosper, my old beliefs about money must be removed. To heal, my belief in illness needs to be cast aside. To receive love, my feeling of being unloved must disappear. In disappearing the old, I create space for the new.

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