Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Weekly talks from our one-hour Sunday services by Rev. Paul Gonyea. The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta is a thriving spiritual community which recognizes and honors God, as It is expressed through the wisdom of all spiritual teachers, including Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, Gandhi and Dr. King (among others). We have no formal doctrine or dogma. Our one-hour Sunday services are open and comfortable, with music, laughter, and interesting talks.

Hosts: cissa, marksteck, stephenfleming

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03-08-2009 I KNEW You Were Gonna Say That!

by marksteck, March 8, 2009 - 1:01pm

Show notes

My intuition is a precious gift that serves me well. It is a knowing, an awareness, that goes beyond my intellect and goes beyond logic. It is the intelligence of Spirit in me, seeing the Truth before it shows up in the physical world. I feel it in my heart and soul, and I honor the wisdom it brings.

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