LibertyLand, The Gunshop of the Future Episode #1 22 DEC 08

LibertyLand, The Gunshop of the Future Episode #1 22 DEC 08

This is the opening episode of a series of Podcasts that will focus on Firearms, Gunshops and the shootings sports in general with a Libertarian flavor. This episode discusses the potential of the Taurus Thunderbolt to be modified for adding a suppressor, adapted for speed loaders and eqipped with a wide range of custom loads. An interesting experiment in custom guns. More to follow from your friendly neighborhood Libertarian Community Organizer.

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LibertyLand, The Gunshop of the Future Episode #12

by OODA, February 15, 2009 - 7:10pm

Show notes

Episode #12 chronicles yet another snag as the LibertyLand project rolls on. In this episode we explore international gun tourism versus statism, imagine hordes of chinese millionaires slinging lead over a long weekend junket to Atlanta and its surrounding environs. We ask the question "Is a 400 lb feral hog a pest in south Georgia or a rare delicacy in Bejing?". Are people with money better customers than people with no money? Could LibertyLand be a Libertarian outreach program to the rest of the globe? Has anyone ever treated an indoor range as a theatrical event? More fun gun games from your friendly neighbohood Libertarian Community Organizer.

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Tags: Gun Tourism, hard knuckled Jacksonian, indoor range, Libertarian outreach