Opening up the floor to you

by Rusty Tanton, August 1, 2006 - 11:47am

I think Thomas and Nikki are onto something with Politics is Vocal. A lot of people have ideas for a single issue (or person, television show, etc.) they'd like to discuss in a podcast, but don't end up doing so because they don't want to invest in equipment for a one-off recording.

With our new Skype line, we now have the capability to easily pipe phone calls and voicemail messages into podcasts. So, we're opening up the floor to you. If you have a live event you'd like to cover but no audio equipment to cover it with, you can dial into our voicemail system and leave messages up to ten minutes long with interviews, observations, and rants.

In addition to Politics is Vocal, we envision creating a show consisting entirely of your voicemails that is sort of a cross between Overheard in New York and the AJC Vent/Hello Butts County community grievance lines. So, call us and leave a rant! Rants about local topics are more likely to be published, but we'll include rants about anything if they're clever enough.

Please leave a name and phone number/e-mail address. We WON'T include that info in the podcasts or sell it or anything like that, it's just so we can verify the authenticity of the recordings if necessary. Our phone number is (678) 389-9441.

UPDATE: Note: you don't need Skype to leave a voicemail. You can call the number from any regular phone.

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