Happy birthday, podcasting

by Amber Rhea, September 25, 2006 - 1:44pm

According to Dave Winer, Saturday (Sept. 23) was podcasting's third birthday:

Today is, in a sense, the three-year anniversary of podcasting. It wasn't called podcasting then, but all the essential elements of what would become podcasting were in place. A regular show with a theme (Chris Lydon inteviewing people he finds interesting), a feed that has those shows as enclosures. The enclosures are in MP3 format. And a small number of aggregators that could do something interesitng with all that. A step down the road that would lead to podcasting.

Although, according to Shel Holtz, podcasting is about a year younger than that:

Podcasting celebrated its first birthday in August [2005], making it one of the newest media technologies - and one of the fastest growing since the introduction of the web.

Either way... podcasting is in the bratty-yet-adorable stage. And, if nothing else, this is certainly a good excuse to have a piece of cake.

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