More misadventures in podcasting

by Amber Rhea, August 28, 2006 - 10:48am

Well, not so much a misadventure as an... adaptive adventure. (Is that a term? If not, I'm declaring it now!)

This morning, Rusty and I recorded a meeting held by a business organization. We had all our equipment with us - our sexy mics, our bad-ass mixing board, all the crazy cables - and yet? The PA system at the place just would not work with our stuff. We thought we had prepared for every possible contingency, but I guess we weren't prepared for a substandard system with iffy cabling and a built-in mic that may or may not have been functional at all.

Long story short, it was kinda stressful, but we pulled it off. We got the recording, even though there was no amplification - but at least we can take comfort in knowing that wasn't our fault.

Anyway... live and learn!

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Rusty Tanton's picture
Rusty Tanton

This is the part where I would solicit recommendations for a good portable P.A. system too. We've tried a few, but haven't found quite the price/performance match we've been looking for.

Posted on August 28, 2006 - 10:54am